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Myths & Truth of Financial Planning

While most people assume that going to a fee based financial planner result in unbiased advise,  we all know that their advise is only going to be as good as their knowledge and experience. Passing a couple of exams will qualify someone as  a Financial Planner. As brokers, our existence is dependent on understanding the practical side of the dynamic marketplace by facing it on a daily basis. This  allows us to be in tune with what is going on out there on an almost instantaneously basis. We are pofessionals with the experience that far exceed theory. Unlike theologians, we are here  to hand hold you through your life long journey to achieve your goals.
Not working for a particular insurer allows us to be unbiased, more creative and objective in our recommendations. We offer almost the full spectrum of financial products and services tailored for individual needs, ranging from traditional life insurance to index based or mutual fund based life insurance. We cater for needs of a new born in providing tax advantaged savings for college but we also work with CPA's and tax attorneys of clients to help them on complex challenges such as business continuation plans and estate planning. In simple terms, we are capable of providing financial solutions for individuals from cradle to grave and from all walks of life by fulfilling their need to solve:
  •    Funding for Education of the next generation on a tax advantaged basis
  •    Retirement planning for the individual & companies
  •    Supplemental retirement planning for some on a tax deductible basis
  •    DI protection for professionals to guarantee their  income flow
  •    Tax shelter planning for executives
  •    Estate planning for those who wish to maximize money to their benefactor
  •    Professional liability and B.O.D. liability
  •    Various types of traditional investment & retirement planning
  •    Mortgage protection for homeowners etc

......... just to name a few.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also offer:

  •    Auto and Home insurance
  •    Renters insurance
  •    Individual & group health insurance
  •    Long Term Care insurance 
  •    Business Owner Policy
  •    Workman Compensation
  •    Professional Liability
  •    Other Commercial Insurance

We offer solutions for your financial concerns using different products and services. The following is just a short list of insurers that you may be familiar with.











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